• November 9, 2020


  • A maximum of 12 megapixel and 3.1μm performance can be found at select wavelength ranges.
  • Virtually zero focus shift from visible to 2000nm wavelength range.
  • Utilizes ultra wideband multi-coatings to increase transmission.
  • Special extra low dispersion (XD) glass significantly reduces chromatic aberration, otherwise known as color fringing.
  • Low distortion.
  • Includes Kowa’s signature floating mechanism design that eliminates optical aberrations from close distance to infinity.

Design of IR-Corrected Lenses

In addition to having high transmission, Kowa’s HC-VIS-SW series are IR-Corrected. The primary benefit for IR-Correction is that it allows an image to remain in focus even when the wavelength changes from visible to infrared or vice versa. With a standard visible, NIR or SWIR lens, a focus shift will occur due to differences in the refractive index if the wavelength fluctuates. However, by incorporating extra low dispersion (XD) glass and carefully aligning all internal lens elements, such focus shift problems are eliminated.