Philippine-Japan Active Carbon Corp. (PJAC), established in 1972 and 100% owned by Kowa Company, is a leading manufacturer of granular coconut shell based steam-activated carbon which is attracting attention as an environmental material.

It is widely used in public facilities such as water purification plants and sewage treatment plants, in industrial applications such as industrial wastewater treatment and exhaust gas purification, and in household products such as household water purifiers and air purifiers, all of which contribute to environmental protection.

• Available from mesh size
• High adsorption capacity, high hardness and low ash content
• Consistent quality from batch to batch
• pH 6-8 grades produced by acid wash process
• Custom-made products
• PJAC plant certifications include ISO 9001, NSF 42 and NSF 61


Grade nameMeshIodine Adsorption
PJA2050F-11008 x 201100 mg/g Min
PJA3070F-11008 x 301100 mg/g Min
PJA3580F-110012 x 301100 mg/g


PJAC G-Series is characterized by high adsorption capacity, high hardness characteristics and low pressure drop. It is excellent in applications, such as catalyst support, solvent recovery, air purification and adsorption of various kinds of gases.

Grade nameMeshIodine Adsorption
PJ820W8 x 201000 Min
PJ830W8 x 301000 Min
PJ1230W12 x 301000 Min
PJ1240W12 x 401000 Min